This website is used to aggregate box office movie data for use in the Fantasy Movie League game. This will help YOU gather the data so you can make better projections for your weekly picks. You may use the weights to determine how well you "trust" each source to generate your own numbers and then "Pick" your line-up which will be displayed on another page. Home (4 ms)

Fantasy Movie League Family

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Please stay tuned as this website will evolve into something that is more helpful with your picks in the future as time permits.
BUX Todd   BO Pro   BO Mojo   Prophet   BO Rpt   BO Mojo 2/21/2021  
Old Data No Data Old Data
377 BUX   
I Still Believe
220 BUX   
201 BUX   
The Invisible Man
174 BUX   
The Hunt
173 BUX   
Sonic the Hedgehog
82 BUX   
The Way Back
81 BUX   
76 BUX   
The Call of the Wild
74 BUX   
Bad Boys for Life
38 BUX   
Birds of Prey
21 BUX   
Jumanji The Next Level
16 BUX   
13 BUX   
Brahms The Boy II
10 BUX   
Fantasy Island
7 BUX   
Todd BO Pro BO Mojo Prophet BO Rpt BO Mojo 2/21/2021